50th Anniversary - Westfield, PA

Since 1965, Electri-Cord has proudly manufactured in Westfield, Pennsylvania. Once the sole location of Electri-Cord, producing power cords for companies like Hewlett-Packard. Today, this facility remains the headquarters of a now global manufacturing company, producing everything from simple wiring harnesses to complex panel assemblies and box builds. While power distribution and management remains at the forefront of Electri-Cord’s strategy, we have diversified and survived numerous economic downturns right here in Northern Pennsylvania. Through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Electri-Cord has expanded into new states and even new countries with a 50,000 square foot facility in Guadalajara, Mexico. Management continues to stay loyal to the local workforce and community here in Pennsylvania, continuing to invest in the facility and its equipment. The following pictures outline some of the changes that we have seen at Electri-Cord’s headquarters. New equipment has lead to increased manufacturing capabilities and keeps Electri-Cord “Powering Innovation.”

Factory Wide

Artos PA


Harness Assembly Board

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