Custom Box Build and Electronic Assemblies

Sometimes known as “systems integration,” a box build includes all assembly work within an electromechanical assembly except for manufacturing a printed circuit board. Each manufacturing process will vary based on the unique requirements of the project in question. Typically, the process includes installing sub-assemblies and other components, routing cable or wire harnesses, and manufacturing enclosures.

We’re wired for anything. At Elecri-Cord Manufacturing, we’ve turned innovation in electronics into an applied science. We have the resources and skills to develop and manufacture a wide range of custom box build electronic assemblies. Our box builds are high-level assemblies built to customer specifications, including engraving, electrical and function testing, ModCenter enclosure customizations, and ability to meet UL508A approval.

Box Build Assemblies for Any Industry

At Electri-Cord, we provide high-level turnkey innovation and have the capabilities to manufacture a full custom box build assembly for any industry. Our custom box builds are particularly utilized in Military & Defense, Medical & Life Sciences, and Commercial & Industrial applications.

Stand Alone PDUs for Military & DefensePower Distribution Unit

Our custom PDUs are developed for the rigors and unpredictable environmental demands required by military and defense, government, and other high-risk applications.

Box Build Assembly Services for Medical & Life Sciences

We provide effective box build assemblies for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, from simple power distribution units to complex control panels. No matter your medical application, our box build services provide dependable, practical solutions.

Commercial & Industrial Applications for Box Build Assemblies

We can customize our box build electronic assemblies to meet any commercial or industrial requirement. They are beneficial in commercial applications where the resulting product is supplied for consumer use or within manufacturing. We have the ability to customize branding and packaging for your commercial application.

Your Globally Local® Supplier & Manufacturer of High-Quality Box Build Electronics

Our team supports your electromechanical project from the initial stages of design conception and prototyping through volume production. Electri-Cord provides cost-effective turnkey manufacturing solutions to meet your specific project requirements and timeline. We pride ourselves on being a reliable and cost-effective manufacturing partner to assembly tour industrial box build or custom panel assembly services.

As always, we leverage our Globally Local approach and strategic manufacturing facilities in the US, Mexico, and Asia to best support your project. Our superior supply chain management solutions provide what you require—wherever you are, whatever your needs.

Get Started on Your Custom Box Build Assembly Today

For high-quality innovation made real, contact us today to discuss your custom box build. If you’re ready to begin, request a quote. We will provide the best custom electronic services and capabilities to meet your requirements.


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