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Standard & Custom Cable Overmolding Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

With over 70 years of molding experience, Electri-Cord has unique capabilities to support your custom cable overmolding assembly needs. Custom molded cable assemblies are cables or groups of cables with custom over molded connectors and plugs to power your unique products.

Electri-Cord manufactures an extensive line of custom cable overmolding assemblies and standard cable assemblies in mainstream and flexible configurations to meet virtually any electro-mechanical assembly requirement you may have. Contact Us for more information regarding our high-volume cable assembly options, or call us at 814-367-2265 and we will gladly answer any cable assembly manufacturing questions you may have.

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Cable Overmolding Assembly Features

Custom cable overmolding assemblies and standard cable assemblies provide over molded cable strain relief and improved pull strength, as well as protection from demanding environments. While many companies can process wire and add terminals, very few companies can match Electri-Cord’s cable overmolding assembly capabilities and experience. We can over mold connectors and strain reliefs, creating molded cable assemblies that provide the following beneficial features:

  • Soft
  • Tactile
  • Workable
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Attractive

Overmolded Cable Assemblies with Part Number or Logo

Want your company logo on your overmolded cable assemblies? We can produce custom over molds featuring your logo, part number, or any other information you need. Samples and complete product specifications are available from our Sales Department.

Hi Amp Cords and Cables

Elecri-Cord’s 600-volt, oil-resistant SO cords and cables provide extreme versatility for a wide range of applications. We can provide your project with complete sets of hi amp cords and custom cable assemblies that suit your exact specifications. Some of the industries that regularly utilize standard and custom molded Hi amp cords and custom cable assemblies include:

  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Portable tools and equipment
  • Portable appliances
  • Small motors
  • Machinery

SO cords and cables are resistant to oil and moisture, and feature good tactile strength, elongation and aging characteristics, high flexibility, and excellent abrasion resistance.

 a coil of cables with a variety of molded cable assembly connectors in different colors

Cable Overmolding Assemblies for the Automotive Industry

From prototyping to test set-up and manufacturing, our experienced team understands the automotive and transportation industry and its unique requirements for custom cable assemblies. Electri-Cord is IATF 16949 certified to produce Automotive wiring harnesses and custom cable assemblies. Our state of the art Guadalajara, MX based manufacturing facility is capable of supporting high volume automotive cable assemblies. 

Custom Cable Overmolding Assemblies for Medical Devices

We take a customer-focused approach to the manufacturing of hospital grade cable assemblies for a wide range of medical products within the medical and life science industries. We can take your unique specifications and manufacture a custom high-volume hospital grade cable assembly solution based on your exact design and application requirements.

a coil of cables with a variety of cable assembly connectors in different shapes and sizes

For Standard and Custom High-Volume Cable Overmolding Assemblies Contact Electri-Cord Today

Electric-Cord provides turnkey electronics manufacturing for the automotive, medical, alternative energy, and various other high reliability industries. Our electronics custom and standard cable assemblies are versatile, durable and are designed to meet your project’s exact specifications.

To learn more about our molded cable assemblies, contact us or request a quote for detailed pricing information today.

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