Global Tariff Impacts

Electri-Cord is closely monitoring the tariffs on imported materials from China. While the exact dates for the implementation of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes included on lists 2 and 3 are still unknown, the Electri-Cord team is actively reviewing options to transfer certain raw materials and finished goods including non-medical power cord production requirements from our China factory to our Mexico and Vietnam low cost country factories to avoid the impending 25% tariffs. Our facilities in each major manufacturing region carry appropriate industry-specific quality certifications and an experienced team to support the life cycle of your products. We maintain local inventories to ensure on-time delivery – when and where you need it.

The details on the tariffs are as follows:
– List 1: on July 6th, per the US Trade Representative Section 301, a 25% tariff will be imposed on specific products manufactured in China entering into the United States. This list included 818 product lines identified by HTS codes. You may review this list by selecting the following link:
Tariff Lists

– List 2: On August 24th, the implementation of this list which includes 284 products. This list may be reviewed by selecting the following link:
Tariff Lists

– List 3: On September 24th, the implementation of list 3 occured. This list includes the HTS code 8544.42.9090 for power cords and cable assemblies, these were affected by a 10% tariff that is likely to increase to 25% by January 1st, 2019. This list may be reviewed by selecting the following link:
Tariff Lists

See which codes will effect you and when by selecting this map:
Globally Local

Our commitment to our customers and as a partner to Electri-Cord, we are working diligently with our factories and suppliers to minimize the impact of any price changes and supply chain disruption, along with providing you the most accurate information permitting you to manage your business moving forward.

With Electri-Cord’s globally local facilities, there are opportunities to avoid the latest tariffs on power cords, cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses by transferring your product to Electri-Cord’s other low cost country labor sites in Mexico and Vietnam. 

Our more than 70 years in business, as well as our quality of products, global footprint, broad portfolio of products and services are among many of the items we offer to our business partners. Thank you for your continued confidence in Electri-Cord.

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