Electri-Cord Mexico Expansion

Increasing our footprint in our Guadalajara, MX Manufacturing Facility

Dear Partners,
We are excited to announce a new lease has been signed on a new larger facility for our Electri-Cord Manufacturing Mexico.

After 4 years of being in our current building and successfully growing our business to the point of near full utilization, it is time to expand for our continuing growth and success.

We will take possession of the new building on October 1, 2019 in order to begin the required build out and then plan to move from the current 4,949m2 (53,243 sq. ft.) to our new 7,268m2 (78,192 sq. ft.) by the end of the year.

These are exciting times for Electri-Cord as a company even with all of the current challenges we are facing with the growth in our overall business. This further exemplifies our commitment to our associates and our customers to continue on a strategic path of success for many more years while increasing our capabilities and capacity.

This announcement along with others investments throughout the company will drive our historic transformation as we continue to position the company for long-term growth.

Best Regards,
Electri-Cord Manufacturing Co.



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