Ordering Instructions

For your convenience, request a quote with our Online Product Specification Order Form, also available for download/print in PDF format. Our dedicated sales team is available to help you through the order or inquiry process - so contact us with your questions about product or process. To ensure the most accurate quote possible, please provide as much of the following information when placing an order or making an inquiry:
  • Overall length from face of plug to end of longest conductor
  • AWG size & number of conductors
  • Color & UL type designation
  • Plug type
  • Appliance end finish: - Molded connector (specify by category number) - Power supply cords (describe end processing from Standard Factory Tolerance chart below)
  • Strain Relief: - Specify by category number - Indicate location as center-line to end of longest conductor
  • Put-up: - Hanked-self secured (specify body and free-end lengths) - Unhanked-tied in bundles.
  • Coiled - (specify critical diameter and free-end lengths) - Required approvals (UL and/or CSA)
An old fashioned phone call is still the best way to get to know us and find out how we can begin turning your ideas into reality.

Standard Factory Tolerances

Overall length up to 10 ft Plus or Minus 1 in.
over 10 ft Plus 2 in. Minus 1 in.
Split or Jacket Removal Plus or Minus 1/4 in.
Strip Plus or Minus 1/16 in.
Location of Molded Strain Relief Plus 1/4 in. Minus 1/8 in.
Stagger Plus or Minus 1/8 in.
Hank Cap End Plus or Minus 1 in.
Body Plus or Minus 1 in.
Free End Plus or Minus 2 in.
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