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Custom Power Cords

Power cords connect your appliances and equipment to the electricity supply, and the manufacturing quality of the cords can affect their operation and safety. For all of your applications, whether they are domestic or international, custom power cords can provide the reliability, durability, and exact specifications that your application requires.

Electri-Cord offers a range of domestic, international, and medical grade power cords to meet your needs. In addition to our complete line of standard power cords, we are a leading custom power cord manufacturer, providing design capabilities that meet or exceed all safety and operation standards.

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Domestic Power Cords

Our North American power cords are designed to be UL, C-UL, or CSA certified to meet all domestic safety regulations. We offer a complete line of standard domestic power cords in a range of sizes and configurations to meet your needs.

In addition to our selection of standard North American power cords, we can also manufacture custom power cords in the size, material, and configuration your application requires.

International Power Cords

As international power cord manufacturers, we ensure all of our detachable and non-detachable cords carry up-to-date safety agency approvals for the specific country for which they are designed and built.

We stock a range of standard international cords, and we also offer custom international power cords to meet your unique application needs. We can work with you to design and manufacture international power cords in customized sizes, ratings, and other specifications.

Medical Grade Power Cords

For critical medical situations, hospital grade power cords need to be reliable and durable enough to withstand harsh conditions. To ensure your medical grade power cords meet all UL and safety regulations, we perform advanced, fail-safe durability, and conductivity testing.

We stock a range of medical grade power cords that meet or exceed all UL requirements, and we can also manufacture custom hospital grade power cords to meet your needs. We are a leading provider of power cords for the medical industry, and our testing and quality standards ensure our medical grade power cords are reliable for high-pressure situations.

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Since 1946, Electri-Cord has been a global leader in power cord manufacturing and distribution, with a complete line of power cords designed for domestic and international applications.

We use the finest automatic electrical testing equipment manufactured by CordTest to automatically test and mark the Electri-Cord power cords during our manufacturing process. This superior fail-safe testing process drives our unmatched zero defects testing standard.

To learn more about our custom power cords and electronics manufacturing, contact us today or use our Build-a-Cord online tool for a quick quote.

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Heavy Duty Black Power Cord